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Social media is essential to the survival of any modern enterprise, but it is also critical for other purposes. If you run a business, you should know that having a cover for your business is very important so that it can act as a communication between your business and people. People used to communicate with each other through paintings. Over the years, we have evolved, created a language, and shifted our method of communication from pictures to text. But already, we are more drawn to images than text. Today, the graphic design industry is booming. Why: As the technology evolved, marketers improvised design methodologies over time, resulting in more significant potential for growth and success. They’ve done everything from creating beautiful and engaging newspaper adverts to daily social media posts.


The application of graphic design has been around for thousands of years. Although the term “graphic design” was coined by a book designer named William Addison Dwiggins in 1992, the Egyptians designed the first logo hundreds of years earlier. In the 13th century, Egyptian merchants marked their cattle with symbols and hieroglyphs to show their ownership and started the era of branding. But remember that graphic and logo designs aren’t just about icons and images; they’re much more than that. So what exactly is graphic design? Let’s find out together.    

What is Graphic Design?

In marketing terms, graphic design is the medium for communicating your message or idea to your target audience, using visual content that makes your message stand out. Again, graphic design is more than just images. It’s a fusion of text, images, layout, and visual hierarchy. All these elements work together to grab the user’s attention. Marketers use interactive designs to enhance the user’s experience and help them connect with their brand. But more importantly, graphic design is essential to your social media marketing strategy.

Importance of Graphics and Logos in Social Media Marketing 

Now that we understand what graphic design is, let’s look at the significance of design and graphics in social media marketing. There are various ways in which graphic design can positively impact your strategy.

Creates brand recognition

Social media posts help you establish brand credibility, promote your business, and enable you to publicize the business on a global scale. When a visitor looks at your business’s social media cover page, they will want to know more about the company. Social media posts pave the way for successful future business interactions between the buyers and the seller

Increases Web Traffic

Social media posts are the best way to increase web traffic and drive traffic to your website. If you share good content about your brand on all the social media platforms, there is a good chance that you will attract a significant number of readers the minute you will publish your post. Apart from this, participating in all social chats is one of the best ways to increase your visibility and get significant attention from people. Your logo will be on your website, giving your business a face. So, when people see your logo on social media sites, they will be able to associate you with your company instantly. Those who neglect this vital marketing factor can’t enjoy the power of this highly effective medium.

It helps showcase your products/services better

perfectly designed social media post allows you to showcase the full potential of your product and service. Hence, you can present your brand to fulfill all the consumer’s expectations — it’s impossible to portray everything through words. Social commerce is the present and the future. The only way to stay ahead of your competitors is to make your products and services so attractive that the visitor has to think twice before leaving the page. For instance, just by taking a quick peek, you can cover all the essential features of your product/service in a single, eye-catching, and easily understandable image, reducing the decision-making time of the visitor significantly. Some brilliant graphic designers also use attractive colors, logos, and typography to promote the product and brand.

Famous brand Logos and their hidden symbolism and it’s meaning

Being creative is never a disadvantage

While you want your business to run smoothly and on the road to success, bringing out your inner child can never do any harm. Designing a social media cover is an ingenious activity that involves both the mind and the heart. It also involves the proper use of artistic skills and the presence of various colors on the page. Since designing a page shouldn’t cost you too much, you can always get a chance to become a perfectionist in the field by hiring professionals.

Now let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer. Imagine you are visiting a supermarket and considering buying cereal. You are inundated with options. However, in the end, you will choose a package you recognize and move on. You can identify the brand in the second team thanks to the image and color choice of the packaging. That’s the power of graphics and logos. The same rule applies to social media. Visitors who land on your social media profiles will instantly recognize your brand from your fonts, color choices, or other stylistic cues, allowing you to stand out from your competitors and attract more visitors to your website.

Differentiate Your Brand from Competitors

A logo differentiates your brand from your competitors. Why should customers trust your product or service more than others? What makes you different? These are the questions to ask yourself when developing your logo design. It should convey your company’s unique perspective while appealing to your target audience. Gone are the days when companies only communicated with customers through advertisements and press releases. Today, brands are constantly interacting with their audience. They need to look their best during their interactions on social media. Social media posts and Logos work to achieve this goal by recognizing your brand. It should be innovative yet timeless as an enduring symbol of your company.

Statistics showing the effects of attractive Logo design and Social Media Posts

  1. On average, customers need to see a logo 5-7 times before they finally remember it.
  2. The average lifespan of the logo is about 10 years.
  3. A 2010 study found that 69% of 3-year-olds could recognize the McDonald’s logo.
  4. The following graph depicts how consumers perceive a brand.

5. 42% of consumers believe that logos effectively convey a brand’s personality.

This suggests that many consumers believe they can fully understand a company just by looking at a brand’s logo. 60% of consumers will avoid a brand with a logo and a post they find odd, ugly, or unappealing. This percentage holds firm even if a brand has positive reviews.

  • 78% of consumers consider brand logos and social media post designs to be works of art. This shows how consumers value brand logos and posts, and how much that influences their purchasing decisions from businesses.


Social media marketing has become an integral part of many businesses today. Businesses without a solid social media presence are reaching the point where they can no longer thrive. The best way to build your company is with social media graphics. Design can help you communicate your thoughts better and increase brand awareness among your target audience. Many people join social media sites just to post links to various products. They cannot create a strong brand image and are only interested in getting traffic to their website by posting links everywhere. An effective logo design clearly expresses your business model. If it’s professional and engaging, people (yes, your target audience) will automatically be intrigued and want to learn more about your company or product, and you won’t needzz to send spam.

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