Why do you need explanation video or promotional video, video ads for your company, brands, or individual?

A promotional video or branded explainer video about you, your brand, or your business is the best approach to get the attention of potential buyers when roughly three-quarters of adults and teens worldwide are internet users and glued to their screens.

You’ve probably heard the adage “video is king” while discussing video marketing. There’s a valid reason for it, I suppose. They’re amusing, simple to consume, and frequently cram a lot of helpful information into little segments. The growth of video marketing has been apparent for a while, and there are no indications that it will slow down soon. Contrarily, it is becoming increasingly difficult to think of a marketing strategy without exciting videos. They function effectively as TV advertisements and social media posts in particular. According to a global survey, roughly 55% of customers want to see more video content from the brands and organizations they use to make purchases. The results back these stats as video advertisements constantly produce fantastic results for marketers; more than 85% of them claim that their video commercials have a tremendous return on investment.

US Programmatic Video Ads Spending 2019-2023

By 2026, global video advertisement spending is expected to exceed $295 billion, and guess what? Over $227 billion will be spent primarily on mobile video advertisements.

So, are you a marketer struggling to decide whether to launch a video advertising campaign?

You must be wondering if I should spend the time and money on video marketing. Will it ultimately be worth my time and effort? Well, I’m here to tell you that the answer to both these questions is a big “YES,” the benefits of video marketing are absolutely worth the initial cost.

Having said that, if you have any questions or need a reminder of the numerous advantages of video marketing, this post is perfect for you!

Why do you need an explanation video or promotional video, video ads for your company, brands, or individual?

1. Sales x promotional video

According to the vast majority of significant companies in online marketing, including Amazon and eBay, adding videos to product descriptions can boost a consumer’s chance of purchasing by up to 35%. Similarly a promotional video or Ad for personal branding or brand awareness helps you build credibility while strategically growing your portfolio, and maximizing gains.

2. Quantifiable results

Promotional videos have several benefits, including the capacity to track practically anything and obtain real-time information. The metrics important to you or your company, such as impressions, shares, views, clicks, and time spent on your website, are very simple to monitor.

3. Reach Decision Makers

Executive and decision-maker brand awareness has always been a consistent problem. Management-level professionals frequently like taking a break from all the reading because they are often quite busy with their primary duties. Videos help them absorb content without putting as much pressure on their eyes. Perhaps this explains why 59% of senior executives choose video information over text material when offered a choice on the same page and share 54% of these videos with their coworkers. A crucial benefit in the never-ending battle for viewers is this secondary distribution.

4. People love to share videos

People appreciate sharing fascinating or pertinent video advertisements with their social media followers. Every minute, more than 700 videos are shared on Twitter alone. The volume of social media shares can dramatically boost your or your brand’s exposure via sheer numbers alone.

5. A sense of physical presence

You can include all of the product’s uses and advantages in the video so that viewers can see how the item will enhance their lives. Additionally, viewers and potential customers feel very trusted when watching videos. Videos assure customers feel more connected to the seller and take the next step since many consumers are still wary of making purchases online. A video advertisement helps you win over customers by giving them the impression that your company is physically present in their minds.

6. Video Ads maximize multimedia’s potential

Incorporating pertinent images like charts or graphs and being adaptable in and of it, video is the appropriate medium for almost any sort of media. You can include animation, green screens, and motion graphics into a single video. Using video ads, you may take advantage of the viewers’ need for visually stimulating and memorable material. Additionally, you may include music or sound effects to improve the multimedia experience even more.

Each year, mobile video consumption increases by 100%. By 2023, videos will account for more than 75% of all mobile data traffic, according to Cisco. Therefore, it’s imperative that your video content marketing approach takes into mobile account formats and offers straightforward, visually appealing solutions that are tailored for mobile devices.

7. Search Engines love videos

When it comes to page rankings, the major internet search engines give weight to video content. The probability that your target audience will discover your company increases if you ensure your video advertising is shared on social media, blogs, and vlogs (and don’t forget to embed them on your website!).

8. Backlinks

In addition to improving a website’s search engine rankings, including a video gives it further SEO advantages by attracting links. Not only that, but embedding videos will virtually treble the number of backlinks to your website thanks to the advantages of video advertisements.

If these advantages of video advertising aren’t enough to convince you to jump on board, here’s one more compelling argument: Your competitors are already using videos to attract potential clients. With that said, you should no longer question whether or not to use video advertisements in your marketing strategy.

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